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Get your device's latitude, longitude and altitude in an easy to read display. For best accuracy, your device must have GPS and a clear view of the sky. Otherwise, your accuracy depends on nearby cell phone towers and/or your WiFi connection. After your position is locked, you can view a map and approximate address of your location. In-App email will even allow you to share your coordinates with a click of a button.


Touch "Start Updating Location" and allow running until the Accuracy Bar increases. Note: It will only fill up if your device has GPS and a clear view of the sky.

The number to the right of the bar is the radius of unknown precision (radius meters). For best results, allow to run until the bar fills up as much as possible.

  Google Map

After you receive a geolocation, you will have the option to view your location on a map in street view, satellite view or a hybrid of both just like the Maps App.

An Address Button will appear when (and if) a reverse geocode can be obtained. Touch it and you can see your approximate street address.

In App Email If the main screen shows a geolocation, you will have the ability to touch the Compose Button in the bottom-left corner to email your coordinates to a friend. You will remain in the app after your message is sent.  
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